What Kind of a Curator are You?

It is well known that by now if you are working as a freelance curator you are probably female, queer or misplaced. But a categorisation of this kind, however fitting it may seem, is nothing but crude. So four figural archetypes of the new millennium could be of help:

Are you a Britney: has your entry into the art world been defined by a special naiveté, that in itself already showed signs of general awareness of being complacent to the power structures that run through it, leading you to dialectically shift from one node of complacency to another, hitting it with an umbrella, yet ending feeling drained and disoriented, and under custodianship of your parent’s extra bedroom?

Are you a Gaga: a breaker of norms, bringers of themes unheard of, but at your core crave the authenticity of a true artist – and not to mention, accused by Madonna of stealing her modernist ideas, yikes?

Are you a Taylor: confident about your deserving position within the art world, even though it comes as a symbolic (or even literal) inheritance by your forerunner, but still threatened and allegedly attacked by every marginal withered leaf touching a gallery’s floor?

Or, are you an elusive chanteuse, a Mimi, an MC, a miss Carey: standing still in a museum department fought for and won over in the nineties and not knowing a lot of ‘her’s applying for the assistant position?

Get your results by answering a few simple questions below and find your true inner curator, now!


Author: Domen Ograjenšek

Writer, art critic, curator, PhD candidate at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

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