Everyone lashes out, and everyone is hurt by the lashes, but with every strike the masochist attachment intensifies, up till the point when the Chat is in pure, colourful, Pepe-the-frog-filled ecstasy.

STREAMERS. They try to focus on the game while also talk and engage with their audience. This produces a strange free-flow of consciousness, that is often-times a bit monotone and boring, however, successful at deriving their core personality traits and quirks. When you spend some time in a streamer’s stream, which usually lasts between 4-8 hours per day, you find that the only content you end up consistently engaging with is not even the game, that is being played, or the streamer, that is playing it, but the peculiar intersubjectivity that emerges in the communication between the streamer and their audience. Communication is key in a streamer’s stream, so much so, that the chat window delivering the barrage of messages (lines upon lines of colourful text that move at such speeds that their readability is not something that is given but gained through time, through the training of the eye) becomes an autonomous entity, the Chat.

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